On being prepared

luketoll:let us hope

luketoll:those who hold the fate of the world in their hands

luketoll:have prepared for this day



jesterfrog:get yer evokers and cards ready

jesterfrog:astral swords and divine literature

jesterfrog:enchanted whips

jesterfrog:and magic shields


luketoll:feels appropriate


jesterfrog:your chaos dunks

jesterfrog:your fists of the gods

jesterfrog:your loved one in the form of a crystal

jesterfrog:your ancient summoning device

luketoll:your bow sword

jesterfrog:your every gun

jesterfrog:your light saber

jesterfrog:your beam katana

jesterfrog:your lazer sword

luketoll:your johnson

jesterfrog:your johnson

jesterfrog:your celestial paintbrush

jesterfrog:your thunder bringing hammer

jesterfrog:your rod

jesterfrog:your super power granting watch

luketoll:your every moon grass

jesterfrog:your masks

jesterfrog:your spices

luketoll:your poke balls

jesterfrog:your arm cannon

jesterfrog:your innate psychic powers

jesterfrog:your spaceship

jesterfrog:your other spaceship

luketoll:your other other spaceship

jesterfrog:and rebuild the one you just found

luketoll:your mechanical heart

jesterfrog:your brain heart

jesterfrog:your heart

luketoll:your robot sidekick

jesterfrog:your chaos emeralds

jesterfrog:your dragonballs

luketoll:your draggin balls

jesterfrog:your e-tanks

jesterfrog:your sub-tanks

jesterfrog:your metal gear shut-off device of choice

jesterfrog:your remembering the basics of CQC

luketoll:your various knives

jesterfrog:your very specific knife

jesterfrog:your power of love AND self-respect

luketoll:your lazer sword gun that shoots lazer swords

jesterfrog:your ring

jesterfrog:your self

jesterfrog:and your chainsaw

jesterfrog:There, I think we're ready.

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